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Consulting - A look inside

Aktualisiert: 23. Juni 2020

You remember why you got into consulting in the first place? Different customers, different projects, travelling, new experiences, never routine, never boring…- one, or more of these sound familiar to you? 

Well, why then do you feel so stressed and burned-out today? These things haven't change much, have they? If anything, there is more of that change and action that you once so much enjoyed. But you have changed. The truth is: As much as we need variety and change, we need stability and reliability, too. It’s another core human need. A need which may be less pronounced when we are younger. But now that we hit our mid-life point...Well, constant and fast paced change takes its toll.

So, your feelings of frustration and stress lately, are partly due to the job and the working environment you are in. After all, there is hardly another business environment which is more hectic and faster-paced than the consulting business - VUCA´s playground, if you like. Yep, that much is true.

But mostly, mostly it is YOU.

You a