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To be interviewed for your dream job? Know the answer to this one question first...!

Aktualisiert: 29. März 2020

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Job interview

Want to land your dream job? Well, before you get interviewed, make sure you know the answer to this one question. 

One of the most important levers for having a successful interview with your dream employer is knowing and being your authentic self. 

One aspect of your authentic self is your own "fire inside", what really inspires you. And most importantly knowing WHY that is! 

People in general and job applicants in particular, stop too soon when it comes to their path of self-discovery. Often, they are happy with having identified and then being able to name their drivers and motivators - without ever having asked why they have these in the first place. 

To really know yourself is also to know the answers to the "Why" questions. Knowing your roots, your path, and how you got to be where you are today. Including all the stumbling stones on your path, the times you have fallen and the mistakes you may have made. Especially those. (Check out this short UTube video to learn about the value of making mistakes; in German.)  

Bottom line:

Know your purpose in (work) life and know WHY it is your purpose.

Once you find your WHY, you will soon realize: Living a li